"Safeguarding" is the term used by the Church of England to cover anything that might be of concern about 'safety'. This does not include, for example, people having to do dangerous work for which they, or the company they work for, will have responsibility. The term 'safety' covers other areas of life outside the work place where an individual, or several people, of any age may show signs of 'distress'. This is difficult to identify precisely but it means that you feel 'something is not right' about them.    

If there are any worries about anybody's safety (i.e. might they be in danger of, or suffering from, any physical or mental harm), useful information may be found at:

Within the Upper Wensum Group (the parishes found on this website) the rector's and child protection officer's details are: 

Reverend Robin Stapleford,

The Rectory, Colkirk, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 7NU

01328 853226


Mary Carden

07808 164686